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580 Realty, LLC 580 Realty’s mission is to provide high quality, honest, and accessible real estate services throughout the Texoma region.

580 Realty was born in 2019 out of a hug between two Texoma real estate agents who wanted to prove that real estate isn’t an intimidating and opaque business, but that it can be accessible for anybody wishing to sell or buy a home. Not a technical and confusing process, but instead a delightful honest experience for both the seller and the buyer. We want to make real estate simple because life's complicated enough.

580 Realty wants to be infectious in its words and contagious in its actions to provide the best service and quality possible. We are committed to delivering our clients with clear and detailed information, and honest advice, whether it concerns a buyer or a seller of property. We value transparent transactions that will help lower the threshold for first-timers, but also for those who already have experience with the real estate market.

At 580 Realty, we celebrate uniqueness. We like to stand out. This is why we want to create a real estate SWAT team of superheroes. What makes someone a superhero? Their distinctive characteristics, their exceptional performance, and their can-do attitude. 580 Realty wants to create an open work atmosphere where everybody can be themselves and where they can feel at home. But also where they are coached and supported to become the best of the best, to deliver greatness. We don’t want to mold everyone to be the same; different is how we like it.

As real superheroes do, we want to serve our family and our community. Therefore we are always committed to embracing growth, learning, and change on a personal level and business level. We demand more of ourselves than anyone possibly could. And when we can, we even go beyond what we promise. We’re inspired by the Lion and the Eagle. Therefore we always focus on radiating strength and speaking positively. Our faith is what guides us and motivates us in our life and our business.

With our real estate services, we also seek to support the Texoma community. We’re dedicated to aiding in the growth and prosperity of the region on a socio-economic level. We are proud members of this beautiful community, and we wish to make our community bigger and known beyond its borders. A healthy, thriving, and flourishing Texoma is what we envision for the future to come.

We do what we do because we want to make our clients’, our team’s, our family’s and our community’s day.

  • To be infectious in our words and contagious in our actions to provide the best service and quality possible .
  • Create Super Hero Wow Experiences
  • Embrace Growth, Learning and Change
  • Be Fun and Wacky
  • Demand More of Yourself than anyone else possibly could.
  • Decide to be difference
  • Do what you say you are going to do - Sometimes more, Just never Less.
  • Be the Lion and the Eagle.
  • Radiate and Speak Positively
  • Be Outcome Focused; Why do we do what we do?
  • Make Their Day.

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