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20 Steps to Achieve Perfect Real Estate Photos

20 Steps to Achieve Perfect Real Estate Photos

Yes, it’s picture day!  Remembering the stress picture day used to cause is enough nostalgia for anyone.  But gone are the days where you need to stress…a well-prepared home seller knows how to prepare his or her home for the eventual photoshoot.  That starts first, by learning how to hire a photographer who won’t let you down and second, by following this step-by-step checklist to the letter. Remember to check-off specific steps as they are completed.

20 Steps to Achieve Perfect Real Estate Photos

1. Make the kitchen spotlessly clean and clutter-free.

If buyers had scorecards, a clean and spacious kitchen would definitely score the most points. Clear the clutter and stash those small appliances away. This way, the buyers can focus on your stunning granite countertop, that lovely backsplash, or the large kitchen sink.

2. Give the bathroom a thorough scrubbing & cleaning.

Again, hide all your personal toiletries, scrub the tiles, and polish the fixtures. Let the photos highlight a magazine-cover-worthy bathroom.

3. Check to ensure all the lights are working.

Well-lit areas look better in photos.  Plus, it will also make your home appear much larger and brighter.  So make sure that no bulbs are burned out. Add extra lamps for extra aesthetic points.

 4. Keep all the lights turned on.

Notice how studio sets are beaming with bright lights? Proper lighting makes everything look better on camera.  In Hollywood, It’s about getting that magical look!  Well, the same goes for your home – make it shine like a movie set and your buyers will be star-gazed by the brightness of it all.

5. Let natural light in.

A little more natural light won’t hurt your photos. Photographers can adjust the mood and light settings later on. Remember to make the windows sparkling clean.  The cleaner the windows, the more natural light you will let in.

6. Lessen the furniture.

A professional stager can help you pare down the furniture to make the room appear larger. It’s all about removing visual clutter so the buyers will notice the clean lines and focal points of the home.

7. Roll up the mats.

Rugs and floor mats eat up space, cutting the seamless illusion of a wide floor area. It is best to leave the floor decorating to a professional stager.

8. Turn off the fans, monitors, and television screens.

Moving appliances and anything that emits moving lights can cause blurry shots. For the photographer to capture a well-defined and high-resolution photo, it is recommended to turn off these types of appliances.

9. Clear personal clutter on all surfaces.

Whether it’s your collection of fridge magnets or calendars and sticky notes posted somewhere, it all adds to visual clutter. Enhance your home’s best features by removing personal effects and sources of information.

10. Stage the beds.

To make the beds looking neat and tidy, use appropriately sized bed covers. Match the pillows with the sheets and blankets.

11. Hide the picture frames.

Let the buyers imagine how their stuff would fit into your home. De-personalize the entire house by removing all personal photos on display.

12. Store clothes and shoes inside the closet.

Articles of clothing, pairs of shoes, and random bags stashed or hanged somewhere also distracts the buyer’s imagination. Let them assume that there is enough storage space for everything.

13. De-clutter dressers and side tables.

Nightstands, side tables, side drawers, and cabinets are the spots where random things are often found. Keys, glasses, tissues, phones, medicines and other belongings end up here. Temporarily hide all of these non-decorative stuff.

 14. Remove pet presence.

To make your home appealing to all types of homebuyers, make it neutral and pet free. As some people may be allergic to animal fur or become irritated by airborne pet odors, signs of pet presence can become deal breakers. Entrust your beloved pet to a relative or a friend, along with all of its items, as you start listing your home.

15. Trim the hedges, remove dead trees, clean the yard, and maintain the landscape

One of the first things that buyers usually notice is the home’s curb appeal. A neat yard with all the plants spruced up makes an impression of a well-maintained home.

16. Keep the porch clean and tidy.

Sweep dry leaves and get rid of clutter on the porch, patio or deck areas. Seek out some decorative plants or potted flowers which can liven up the space and make it very attractive.

17. Park the vehicles somewhere else.

Having a car parked in the driveway may mean that this space is already someone’s territory. To make your real estate photo inviting, clear the driveway and the road if possible, to give a full view of the property.

18. Put away trash bins and yard equipment.

These things may also distract the buyers from looking at the more important features of your home. Garbage cans, mowers, and gardening tools should be hidden from view.

19. Expose the BBQ grills.

An uncovered and cleaned grill gets the imagination running wild of how this outdoor area is a great place to relax, entertain, and celebrate with family & friends.

20. Stage the patio.

Clean the chairs, put fresh pillows, and open the umbrella to create an inviting ambiance. Let the buyers daydream and envision themselves in your home. Remember, first impressions can make all the difference.  So don’t negate the importance of high-quality photos.

Looking to sell your house? Let me help you get the attention you deserve by attracting the most buyers.  You can reach us by email or call 580-877-SOLD today. 


20 Steps to Achieve Perfect Real Estate Photos

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