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20 Things to Do Before You List Your Home

20 Things to Do Before You List Your Home

Preparation is the key to making your home stand out from the heap of other listings. If you really want to sell your home as quickly as possible, you need to get it in front of buyers —and capturing the attention of those buyers will require a few more actions well before putting it up that “for sale” sign.

So, here’s my 20 must-do things to get you off to a good start.

1. Do a mental and emotional “moving out”. Try to detach feelings of ownership. If it makes you feel better, take photos before making any changes. Saying goodbye to the memories will help you make rational decisions while selling the house.

2. Remove personal collections, photos, and memorabilia. It’s time to think that you are passing the territory to someone else. Store away things that lend a personal touch to the home.

 3. Lessen furniture. Leave just enough stuff for www. Keep everything basic so that the buyers will feel a larger sense of space.

4. Eliminate clutter. As much as possible, rent a storage unit to keep all the things that you will not use for the next few months.

5. Manage the laundry. If you are staying at the home while selling it, try to avoid making a pile of dirty clothes. Wash as often as possible to avoid unsightly hampers.

6. Pare down the kitchen to essentials. How many pots, pans, dishes, and utensils are you really going to use every day? Stash all the other items away for a tidier kitchen that is ready for viewing.

7. Update basic hardware. Replace those faded knobs and rusty old handles. Hardware stores sell inexpensive replacements that will make your doors and cabinets look sleek and modern. The same goes for faucets, shower heads, outlet covers and switch plates.

8.  Caulk tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms. Improve the look of tiled surfaces by caulking where needed.

9. Repaint the interior and exterior walls. Freshen up your surroundings with a new coat of paint. Neutral shades are always recommended.

10. Have the house professionally inspected. Hire a home inspector to check for building issues; doing this will lessen your headaches due to buyers looking for more reasons to negotiate.

11. Fix everything. Whether it’s cracked, broken, leaking or squeaking, all repairs should be done prior to listing.

12. Install new rugs and carpets. A new rug and carpet will look and smell fresher than the one that’s been vacuumed for years.

13. Hire a domestic cleaner. Professionals work with a checklist to ensure that no area will be left out. Be sure to include window cleaning.Pressure washing will also do wonders for the exterior of the home, including the garage floor and driveway.

 15. Improve the landscaping. Trim old branches and plant overgrowth, mow the lawn and add some mulch and flowers.

16. Use mood lighting. Replace bright lights with softer and warmer white bulbs that set an inviting, scenic mood.

17. Stage the home. If you’re clueless about home styling, get help. Homes that are staged before listing spend “90% less time on the market” than average looking homes.

18. Take photos. Professional photographer + clean and staged home = more attractive listing.

19. Create a record of existing appliances. Arrange all the existing manuals and warranty information in a folder to assure the buyer that everything is well maintained.

20. Call a real estate agent to help you. In Bryan County OK, homes are cheaper than most properties in Oklahoma, but you do not need to undervalue your home to get noticed. Get a local agent to help you sell your home at its best price.

Need help in selling your home in Bryan County OK? Call or email today.


20 Things to Do Before You List Your Home

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