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5 Top Tips for Using Facebook to Find Your Perfect Home

5 Top Tips for Using Facebook to Find Your Perfect Home

With over 214 million users in US alone, Facebook remains a top source of online information. Today, when people search for “homes for sale” or “real estate services, Facebook is surely a must.

Finding the perfect home on social media may be challenging. Compared to real estate directory sites such as Zillow, RedFin,, etc. where properties are listed and arranged systematically, social media sites are filled with distractions. Facebook, for example, is littered with personal and commercial posts.

It is not impossible though, to find your future home through Facebook. In fact, getting in touch with sellers and realtors seem to be easier on this platform. Here are some ways to use the Facebook when looking for a house for sale:

Search for a local real estate agent’s account.

Real estate agents are now using Facebook to connect with prospective buyers and sellers. One of the best things about this social media site is that it facilitates communication in real time. If the real estate agent is currently logged in, he/she can instantly reply to your inquiries. Whether it is asking about the selling price or looking for specific homes in an area, sharing of pictures and other information is easier through messaging.

For example, you may be looking for affordable homes for sale in Oklahoma. You can try cities like Calera, Caddo, Durant, or simply search for Bryan County realty groups or real estate agents. Once you find a realtor’s Facebook page, read the reviews section to see how he/she has worked with past clients. Browsing through the comments and posts will also give you an idea of how this person replies to inquiries.

Type commonly used words and phrases which are relevant to your search.

The Facebook search bar uses commonly used phrases to display public posts. You can use this feature to easily find homes for sale in a specific location. If you type “houses for sale” or “homes for sale”, Facebook will display every public post with these words.

To avoid being overwhelmed, it is always better to add the name of the area after the phrase. For example, you might be looking for homes with the scenic views of Lake Texoma, you can type “Texoma homes for sale” to narrow down your search results.

Visit the official community pages.

For example, you would like to know more about the better locations in Bryan County OK. Visiting the official Facebook pages of various communities in this area can provide you with a clearer perspective on your chosen home location. Durant, OK, for example, has a Durant Main Street page where you can learn a lot about what is happening in its neighborhoods.


Photos and videos make house hunting easier.

Real estate advertisements are usually posted with photos and videos on Facebook. Take advantage of this feature to see if there is a video posted showcasing a walkthrough of the house for sale. Of course, nothing beats an actual open house, but visual images can give you a better idea of whether you would like to see the home up close or not. What a time saver!

Try the new Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook has rolled out a new selling and buying tab called the Marketplace.  Previously, it was only available for US based accounts using iPhone 5 and newer Android phone models, however, a recent Facebook announcement, including a re-launch of the Facebook app has led to the Marketplace being available in 17 countries across Europe, including Mexico.

While there have been some initial kinks to work out, Facebook is gradually upgrading the real estate listings which include filters for price range, location, number of rooms, square footage and more. If you can view the Marketplace tab on your phone, you can conveniently check the actual Facebook profile of the person who listed a home for sale, a better way to prevent scams. In the near future, this may become one of the faster ways to find a home.


Whether you’re on the hunt for a modern and spacious or a more enclosed, cozy lounge yet affordable house, We can help you find the perfect home. There are a lot of great value homes around Bryan County OK. Just call 580-980-SOLD or send us an email anytime to get started on your home-buying or home-selling journey.



5 Top Tips for Using Facebook to Find Your Perfect Home

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