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Cindy Krasniqi – Luxury | Lake Homes | Spanish Speaking

Some people care enough to take on the challenge of doing things better than those who have come before them. So maybe it was fate that Cindy Krasniqi had a horrible experience buying her first home. She had a passion for helping others and knew she could deliver a better experience than the one she had been through.

Real estate was the calling, and to the relief of those who have been lucky enough to have worked with her, Cindy answered.

Cindy’s decision to join the world of real estate had a significantly positive impact on the surrounding community—particularly in the lives of those who speak Spanish. She listened to the frustration of people who couldn’t understand their real estate agents because of a language barrier. Being one of only two bilingual agents out of about 450 in southeastern Oklahoma, Cindy’s skills have proven to be an invaluable asset. “When I get a call from a Spanish-speaking client, I can hear the relief and content in their voice that someone can actually understand them,” said Cindy. “That is an amazing feeling!”

Cindy was a seasoned agent when she crossed paths with Brian Allen at 580 Realty. His reputation of success preceded him, and she was pleased to find that he was also a man of honesty and integrity. Cindy describes him as knowledgeable and, “… the kind of broker who, if he doesn’t know the answer, he finds it out. That means a lot!”

Throughout her career, Cindy has established herself as an agent who is consistently available and has built relationships with all sorts of people along the way. One of her favorite parts of the job is seeing the expressions on her clients’ faces when they find the home of their dreams. “Real estate has never been about a paycheck for me. It’s about making sure my clients are happy and getting what they really want,” Cindy said. “Not only am I a realtor to my clients, but we also become lifelong friends.”

So, what is Cindy’s secret to success? Learn from the bumps along the way. “Cherish all of them,” she said. “They are all steppingstones to knowledge and experiences we all need to become better agents.”

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