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  • Cross the Historic Carpenters Bluff Bridge in Durant OK

Cross the Historic Carpenters Bluff Bridge in Durant OK

Cross the Historic Carpenters Bluff Bridge in Durant OK

Nestled above the majestic Red River is a century old bridge that connects two states, Texas and Oklahoma. For many, many years, the rustic steel structure has served as the main thoroughfare for people traveling to and from Grayson County and Bryan County, OK.

Today, the renowned Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge is one of the last remaining bridges of its kind – surviving decades of modernization. It is not just an ordinary creaky old bridge that fades into memory, but a bridge that offers a glimpse of what life was like – in Bryan County.

 Built in 1910, the Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge was named after E.E Carpenter, an early settler who used to operate a ferry that ran across the Red River.

The bridge was originally designed for a railroad company. Back in those days, trains commanded the reigns of progress, having that bridge as a passageway from one state to another was a huge achievement for the local economy. It was mainly preferred for shipping freight from the coal mines of Oklahoma.

One side of the bridge included a wagon shelf or a lane dedicated for those traveling on foot. This wooden part of the bridge also catered to horse drawn vehicles. The toll was paid by everyone who passed by, until the last railroad company who managed it ceased its operations.

Soon, the ownership of the bridge was divided between Grayson and Bryan County, of which commissioners had the bridge converted to accommodate cars and other automobiles. It was open to the public for free.

Rumors circulated, saying that the Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge would be demolished following the construction of a new, modern bridge in the same area of the Red River. Residents were filled with nostalgia; many remember crossing this bridge with their first car, and to those living on the north side, the bridge was the only way to get or send mail to the post office station. And to many others, it was and still is a great place to watch the stunning views of the river.

Fortunately, the county officials have assured the public that the Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge will remain as a historical landmark. To preserve its antiquity and cultural value, vehicles will no longer be allowed to pass through. It will be solely opened for foot traffic.

For those who live near the Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge, this means more freedom to walk down memory lane. Families with kids can still go down the bridge for fishing, swimming, and other outdoor activities. Now that cars will no longer be traversing above, it will be a safer haven for walks and sightseeing.

If you love getting close to nature, then crossing the Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge will certainly be a profound experience for you. Come over to Bryan County for a visit and witness the charm of Durant, its lovely city.

See for yourself why people who come to visit end up falling in love with the area and staying for years. If you’re looking for a place to build lasting memories, then Durant, OK is the perfect place to start and end your search for a new home. We would be glad to answer any questions you have about moving to Durant.  Give us a call or send me an email today.

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