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Do these Things before Selling your Home

Think you’re ready to sell your home? Not so fast. Selling a home is a process that shouldn’t be rushed. Here are some steps I recommend taking before that for sale sign goes up.


Research the market

Your first step should always be researching the market and finding out how your home stacks up. To get started, take a quick drive around your neighborhood and count the ‘for sale’ signs. How many are there, and how many of them say “sold?” If homes aren’t selling within a reasonable time from the listing date, it might be a sign that your house could be on the market for a while.


It’s also a good idea to research other listings and recent sales more in-depth. Real estate agents use ‘comparables’ – similar homes that sold in your area – to help them price your home. You can get a quick snapshot of what to expect from the sale of your home by comparing it to others.


Shop open houses

Open houses (PUT A LINK HERE TO THE ALREADY WRITTEN BONUS BLOG POST “IS AN ‘OPEN HOUSE’ TODAY THE BEST THING FOR SELLING YOUR HOME?”) are not just for home buyers, they’re also a great resource for potential sellers. Once you find a home for sale that compares to yours, don’t be afraid to stop by the open house and pretend  (really?) you’re interested. Talk to the seller’s real estate agent and ask them what the home’s best (and worst) features are. Take note of what potential buyers are saying about the home, and what features they seem to be noticing. If everyone is swooning over an updated kitchen, consider doing something similar before you list.


Find the right real estate agent

Finding the right real estate agent builds a strong foundation for the sale of your home. Once you’ve found the right person, everything else can fall into place. A quick Google search will produce pages upon pages of results, but you want someone who is well-versed in the real estate market.


As a real estate agent, I work exclusively with homes in southeastern OK, (don’t limit yourself to just Durant – even in your blog) and I can tell you that not all cities are created equal. Shop locally, but shop around, and don’t settle until you’ve found someone you’re confident in. If you need more tips, read my blog post about finding the right real estate agent for you.


Consider upgrades 

From shopping open houses (also in Durant, consider there aren’t many public open houses to go to – this might not be the best advice), you probably have a good sense of what buyers are looking for. Consider some small upgrades to your home that can have a big impact on your sale price. A little goes a long way, but don’t go overboard. While some buyers are looking for a turnkey home, others want to make updates that match their personal taste.


Ask your real estate agent what buyers are looking for, and what updates they think will make the biggest difference to your home. Often a few coats of paint in a neutral color can do just the trick. Homebuyers can struggle with seeing past these little details. What is a nursery to one person can be a home office to another.


Get a home inspection

Home inspections are typically done after a buyer makes an offer, but consider getting one done yourself. Home inspectors will point out any issues (whether minor or major) with your home that you need to know about, so you’ll be able to fix any problems or price your home accordingly.


If you wait for the buyer to bring in their inspector, any unexpected issues could delay the sale and/or even halt the sale entirely. If you don’t know where to find a home inspector, your real estate agent will be able to recommend someone who’s familiar with your area and the local requirements.


Talk to your bank or mortgage broker

You might be focused on selling right now, but you should still be thinking ahead to your next home purchase. Think about what you can afford in your next home, and make sure you know exactly what the process will be for transferring your mortgage or getting a new one. You can never be too prepared!


Now that you’re prepared to put your home on the market, let’s set up a call to chat all things Durant real estate. Click here to book a time that works for you. Whether you’re selling a home in Durant, OK or anywhere else, one of the most difficult yet critical tasks can be finding the right real estate agent. Chosen right, a real estate agent who understands the local market can make or break a sale.


So getting just any agent is not the best course of action here.  It takes knowing what to look for to make a great choice.


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