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Drone Photography and How It Impacts Your Listing

Drone Photography and How It Impacts Your Listing

The emerging technology is slowly propelling the real estate industry into new heights. Drones are now being used to present real estate properties in a broader dimension, making each listing literally rise above the competition.

Drones are technically called UAS or Unmanned Aerial Systems; hence, these are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). With its operational rules recently finalized, US businesses can now operate drones weighing 55 pounds or less.

In fact, the second largest usage of commercial drones in the US (according to the FAA) is done for the real estate industry (26%). It is next to professional photography (34%).

So how does this affect your listings?

Drone photography provides an added “wow’ factor that provides buyers with a better perception of an advertised home. Compared to traditional photos which only show the façade, drone photos enable the buyers to see beyond the front yard from a bird’s eye perspective.

Instead of pitching the areas of the house like puzzle pieces, a professional aerial shot provides a better view of the property. In a flash, the buyers are provided with extensive visuals. In a single drone photo, one can instantly notice the landscaping, the roofing quality, and the stunning views in the background.

The entire home is seen through a series of aerial photos. For large properties with multiple amenities like a large backyard, a swimming pool, a manicured lawn or a basketball court, an aerial photo will tie all these spaces together.

This way, drone photography gives listings a better value. For example, a house for sale in Durant might look like just another typical home in Oklahoma. But a drone photo will spell the difference – it will show the vast expanse of the green surroundings, the lush Magnolia trees lining up the streets leading up to the property, and the lovely, spacious neighborhood. It will stand out from the rest of the photos in the listings.

With 51% of home buyers searching for their next home online, drone photography opens up more possibilities for better marketing. You can use aerial photos to highlight the best parts of a property’s location, whether it’s near the beach, across the university, or within the downtown areas. Buyers who are looking to move into a new city will be definitely spending more time looking at your listing.

As for home sellers’ opinion on drone marketing, SoldByAir (a drone pilot network) found out through their independent survey (over 200 actual visits) that “…83% of home sellers prefer to work with an agent using drones”. In the same study, it was also found out that “…high volume agents use aerials 3.5x more often than low volume agents.”

With this verifiable data, it appears that top real estate agents are realizing the value of drone photography, and home sellers are taking this as a cue for a high quality of service. In other words, savvy buyers (and sellers alike) are leaning more and more towards Realtors who both understand and adopt these types of emerging technologies.

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Drone Photography and How It Impacts Your Listing

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