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Fall Check List

Fall Check List

The cold autumn breeze brings a reminder that the winter freeze looms near. As you reach for a warm cup of coffee or a blanket to snuggle, remember that there are a few things that you must do to avoid the winter struggles.

Home maintenance during the fall season is a “must do” to prevent various repair issues come winter time. This check list will guide you on the things that will help you prepare for a less worrisome cold season.

Roof – Prevent ice and moisture from leaking into the house by inspecting the roof for any missing, broken, and loose tiles. Repair or replace immediately.

Chimney – A chimney sweep can help you clean and remove any debris that has been stuck inside your chimney. Whether it’s soot, vermin, dried leaves, twigs, or some birds nesting inside, a clean chimney will prevent odd burning smells when you start using the fireplace again.

Gutters – Autumn brings a lot of dried leaves and debris inside the gutters. Clean those gutters before snow sets in. Check the downspouts for repairs too.

Driveways and footpaths – Check the walkways for cracks, holes and broken concrete/ paved sections which may cause accidents when it gets icy and slippery.

Decks and Patios – Store away outdoor furnishings that can only be used next spring.  Inspect the wooden assembly for creaking parts. Prevent accidents due to uneven steps, loose railings, and rotten boards.

Lawn and garden – Fall brings piles of dried leaves that are usually bundled for waste collection. Instead of raking, you can use the fallen leaves as a nutrient-rich source that will nurture your lawn during the winter. Turf grass specialists from the MSU have proven from their 20-year research that mulched dried leaves can serve as a sustainable fertilizer upon decomposition. Since mulched leaves cover bare spots on the ground, it also leaves no space for weeds to germinate. When spring time comes, your lawn will look healthier than ever.

Doors and Windows – Caulking will prevent air drafts from messing with your indoor temperature. Also, clean and cover the window wells to prevent leaves from clogging and accumulating water and moisture.

Lighting fixtures – Make walking around your home safer by replacing worn out bulbs not only on the inside, but on the outside areas (porch, garage, driveway, backyard) as well.

Sprinkler system – Watering your lawn during the fall will be beneficial for germination after the winter season. But when the ground temperature starts to get colder, you have to shut down the water supply, drain any remaining water inside, and insulate the valves and pipes to prevent them from bursting due to frost. The same goes for all the outdoor faucets and hoses.

Heating systems – Keep your home warm and toasty throughout the next season by having your furnace and HVAC inspected, cleaned and replaced with new air filters. Check if the thermostat is working and the vents for unobstructed air flow. For boilers and radiators, call a plumber to check the thermostat and valves.

Dryer vent – Accumulated lint inside the vent can cause overheating and fire, and the cold season makes it harder to detect it. Call for a ductwork specialist to clean your clothes dryer vent as soon as possible.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Remove accumulated dust by vacuuming the detectors, and replace each one with a new set of batteries. If you live in Oklahoma, all family residences must have a working smoke alarm. Wherever you may be, a smoke alarm will increase your chances of survival during a fire incident.

Having your own home gives you the freedom to make it as safe and comfortable as you wish. Are you looking for a home in Bryan County OK? Let us help you. Call or email us today. 


Fall Check List

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