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See the Worlds Largest Peanut in Durant OK

See the Worlds Largest Peanut in Durant OK

Located in the heart of Durant Oklahoma there sits a huge statue in the form of a peanut. In fact, it claims to be the world’s largest one.

Before you wonder who ever came up with the nutty idea (pun intended) to put up a peanut monument, it was actually dedicated to the hardworking peanut farmers of Durant. The tribute dates back to November 15, 1974, and it was built in honor of the Bryan County Peanut Growers and Processors.

Durant has a history of rich, thriving agriculture which has made it into one of the finest local economies today. In the early 1900s, peanuts were considered a better alternative to cotton, so most of the farmers in southern Oklahoma started cultivating the crop as their main product. Bryan County emerged as one of the leading peanut growers.

Even during the Great Depression, Oklahoman farmers continued to cultivate peanuts. The local economy managed to survive throughout the hard times; and several peanut processing plants were established afterward, further expanding the peanut production.

The resilience of the local farmers led to the growth of Oklahoma’s peanut industry. Fast forward to the present, the state remains among the top ten producers of peanuts in the American economy.

 As such, with peanut as one of its most successful crops, it is only fitting to have a pedestal to celebrate its contribution to the community and the nation.

The world’s largest peanut is an oversized bean, molded from aluminum that sits on top of a granite monument. Other states claim the same name, with a monument too, but this one in Durant, OK definitely looks like a real peanut – grooves, curves, color, and texture in its entire splendor. A quick glance would almost make you believe that this is one gigantic peanut!

This is the reason why this peanut monument became a famous attraction for tourists and travelers. People would often stop by the Durant City Hall, taking advantage of this awesome photo opportunity.

Not everyone was respectful though, as there was a time when the peanut was removed by the local police due to the unruly kids who kept stealing it. Apparently, the statue looked so interesting that the culprits thought it was cool to keep the peanut for themselves.

Today, the world’s largest peanut peacefully remains on its granite block, as it gleams under the bright sun. It still charms visitors for a fun stopover and continues to serve as a reminder of Durant’s rich agricultural industry.

So the next time you reach for a jar of peanut butter or tear open a peanut-packed protein bar, remember that somewhere in Durant stands a huge peanut waiting for you to see.

Here’s one more nutty trivia: There is a time capsule in front of the world’s largest peanut, buried in 1973. It is scheduled to be opened in the year 2023. Could there be a surprise hidden under this quirky monument?


Come and visit Durant, OK and see how easy it is to fall in love in this charming city. And while you’re in town — if you feel that Durant would be a nice place to call your home — please call me or send me an email and I will gladly assist you.


See the Worlds Largest Peanut in Durant OK

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