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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Is it time to get ready to sell your home? Whether you’re moving to a nearby state like Oklahoma or to a vibrant new city such as Durant, there are many thoughts, concerns, and questions about how to do a spring cleaning that’s going to get your home ready NOW to sell this spring. Here’s the ultimate spring cleaning checklist for selling your home,

Start with emotional cleansing

Let’s face it, over the years you’ve accumulated some stuff…and you, like most people probably have a strong emotional connection with your stuff and your home. There’s nothing unusual about feeling attached to the thing things you’ve bought and brought into the place where you maybe grew up, raised kids, or just experienced life’s important lessons. Unfortunately, this sentimental attachment can be a negative when it comes to selling your home. To ensure that you don’t sabotage the home selling process, you’ll have to begin seeing your property differently. Otherwise you could cost yourself lots of time and money during the selling process.

Before you do your spring cleaning, start with an emotional cleansing. Selling a home is stressful, especially if you’re not truly ready to let go. Make the decision now to say goodbye to your home. Begin to look at it as a product that you’re going to sell, and commit to making the best decisions for minimizing the time your home is on the market, while maximizing your profit. If you’re not ready to make this commitment, you should be honest with yourself and decide whether you truly are ready to sell your home. If you’re not, but you must move regardless, think ahead to the future you’ll create in your new space and ask your real estate agent for support.

Pack up your personal belongings

Now that you’ve said goodbye to your home, it’s time to get ready to clean and stage the property. Ideally, you want to make each space in the home feel like a blank canvas. Prospective buyers should walk through the house and imagine how they’d set up the room. That means you’ll have to remove personal belongings from the space.

If buyers walk through the home and see your family photos and heirlooms, they feel like the home has unresolved history, and quickly become distracted. This is the last thing you want! You can easily avoid this issue by packing up and storing your personal belongings. Plus, this step will guarantee that your things are safe during the sales process.

Remove all the clutter

What do you need to keep for your next home? What is it time to let go of? What should you keep for day-to-day living while your home is for sale? These are three very important questions to ask yourself as you do your spring cleaning. Take time to go through every single one of your belongings and ask yourself if it makes you happy. If not, it’s time to get rid of it.

If you see yourself using something in your next home and just can’t bear to get rid of it, pack it up for your next place. Remember, you’re trying to make a blank canvas here. When it comes to selling your home, less is more. Only keep the basics, and even then, they should be well organized and presented well for your future home buyers.

Reorganize your closet and cabinet space

If there are two areas that never go overlooked, it’s the closet and cabinet space in your home. Now’s the time to empty and reorganize your closet and cabinets. Prospective buyers will look through these areas. Tidying up, storing important belongings, and reorganize these spaces will ensure that buyers focus only on buying your home, and not your personal life.

Safely store your belongings

Once you’ve gone through everything you own, packed up what you don’t need immediately, and given away what no longer serves you, it’s time to safely store your belongings. Take boxes and any furniture that detracts from your home staging to your storage space. Once you’re finished, your rooms should be minimally furnished, and your home should feel empty. Yes, moving is difficult, but maximizing what you receive from the sale of your home won’t be. Soon you’ll be making your new space into a cozy living space, but for now, think about how your future home buyers feel in your space.

Start the spring cleaning

Now that you’ve removed all your things, there are two important steps to spring cleaning to sell your home. First, you should fix anything that needs a little TLC. Most home buyers actively look for homes that are move-in ready. That means you’ll want to patch walls, repaint in a neutral color, replace warn carpeting, change light fixtures, and check that all the appliances work correctly.

During the process, if you realize that you want a fixture or certain curtains, take them out now! Once a buyer sees something they want, not giving it to them can potentially be a deal breaker. It’s best for them to not even see your favorite chandelier if you’re thinking about moving it with you.

Once you’ve made repairs to your home, bring on the spring cleaning! Dust, wash, caulk, clean, and wax to your heart’s content. You’ll probably do many of these cleaning tasks more than once, but that’s okay! Think about how content someone will be with your home because of the hard work you’ve put into getting it sold. Things like vacuuming the floors might feel like they can go another day, but the last thing you want is to turn off a potential buyer because of some overlooked cleaning!

After you’ve done all the cleaning, you need to sit back, and let your real estate agent get to work!

It goes without saying that having a real estate agent on your side that can guide you throughout the entire home-buying and home-selling process is vitally important.  So if you have any questions or just plain curious about moving to Durant, OK, we would be glad to help – give us a call or send us an email today.

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