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The Resilience – Resurgence and Renewed Hope of the American Dream

The Resilience - Resurgence and Renewed Hope of the American Dream

Ever since the time of the pioneers, every American has strived to achieve prosperity. From working hard to support one’s needs to finally being able to provide a home for the family, this is the life that many lead or seek after. The part where one finally owns a home – is the heart and soul of the American dream. As William Howard Taft puts it, “Next to the right of liberty, the right of property is the most important individual right guaranteed by the Constitution…”


The dream, however, had somehow turned into a squeamish sight in the recent years. A severe housing crisis left millions of homes foreclosed, resulting in a dwindling number of home buyers. Suddenly, people were shifting to a realm of rentals, due to a fear of being unable to pay the mortgage note and loss of home equity.

Rather than giving up entirely, real estate agents found ways to adapt even when the American Dream was facing times of adversity.


This positive outlook has allowed people not to abandon the idea of home ownership altogether. In fact, a significant number of Americans are still looking forward to becoming homeowners someday. This is what motivates real estate agents to keep innovating, identifying ways to assist buyers in finding a suitable home, no matter how small or simple it may be.

As the housing industry slowly rebounds, real estate agents are spreading awareness about the American dream. To spark the flames of ownership, the government is pushing for a more stable housing finance system and eradicating firms that both practice and offer abusive and predatory mortgage products.

Real estate agents are also networking with private investors and identifying programs to help buyers acquire funding for their homes. In Oklahoma for instance, there is a program called REI Down Payment Assistance which has helped more than 3,600 Oklahoma families achieve homeownership through local partnerships with mortgage lenders.

Right now, real estate agents are using tools such as apps and platforms that provide them with real-time data about the types of neighborhood, property size, and its current price points. Sure, everyone can have access to these technological advancements, but the expertise and skill of a seasoned agent are what is needed to best interpret its meanings.

Real estate agents are now working faster and better than ever. They are continuously looking for ways to improve their service, creating a renewed sense of hope for people who wanted to own a home again, and for the ones who plan to stop renting and settle permanently.

From market analysis to negotiations, real estate transactions complicate the whole home buying deal. Real estate agents are here to ease the process, from following up with lenders to pointing out the things that can give you the best value for the buyers’ money.

Renewed Hope…

In 2015, the National Association of Realtors revealed through a survey its top potential buyers of the future, and that group is the millennials. The members of the young population (18 to 35 years old) are taking careful steps, delaying home ownership until they’re ready, but certainly getting there.

As the market prepares for the new demands of the future, the American dream is set for growth again. Regardless of the influx of information that can be sourced online, the aspiring homeowners (millennials) believe that real estate agents are still the best source of home buying solutions.

The financial and strategic intelligence of real estate agents is crucial in getting a homebuyer to achieve their dream home. With the tons of research, paperwork, and negotiations that take place behind purchasing a home, an ordinary person needs a professional to deal with all of these.

Since real estate agents have the connections with other professionals in the industry, a home buyer can get the best value for the property. A trusted real estate agent can get a reputable home inspection company to check if a property is up to code, as well as uncover any hidden structural issues. He/she can also recommend local experts (e.g. HVAC contractors, termite inspectors, roofers, surveyors, etc.), but it is also highly-advisable to read reviews and check references.

During the whole process, a real estate agent is the one that holds the buyer’s hand. With such a massive investment, it is only fitting that you entrust a professional to provide buying assistance. Someone who is knowledge in helping buyers prevent the misguided decisions of the past, and look forward to a better future.

Considering the thousands of dollars that a real estate agent can save by providing the buyers with accurate, updated, and relevant information, real estate agents truly help homebuyers fulfill the American dream.

If you’re ready to discuss your American dream, get in touch with one of our agents!


The Resilience - Resurgence and Renewed Hope of the American Dream

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