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The Summer Check List

The Summer Check List

Compared to other seasons, summer may not be a popular time for real property selling. This is usually caused by the influx of people who go on vacations. But fret not, summer also means that the competition is low, and you can make your property stand out with a few tips and tricks. So take advantage of the summer season by preparing your home with the help of this checklist.


Improve landscaping


Lure buyers by enhancing your home’s curb appeal. Highlight your stunning lawn, patio, and backyard with colorful flowers, thriving plants, and majestic trees (trim overgrowth and chop dead branches). Lush greenery is always a refreshing sight on a sunny day.


Driveways and footpaths may also be spruced up by pressure washing to rid the surfaces of grease and dirt.


Repaint walls


Aside from beautifying your garden, the bright sunshine may also make your walls more noticeable. A new coat of paint for your interiors and exteriors can freshen up your home’s surroundings. Summer is the best time to do painting projects since the rooms will dry easily.


Repair broken fixtures


Broken windows, clogged plumbing, and even chipped bathroom tiles affect the buyer’s perception of your home. Make sure that all your fixtures are in order so that people will know that the property is well maintained.


Inspect everything from the basement to the roof. Check for signs of water leakage, termite infestation, and mold issues. A professional home inspector can help you assess the real condition of your home. Hiring one will provide you with a clearer vision of the things which needed to be improved so you can avoid selling problems later on.


Eliminate clutter


Personal stuff and knick-knacks create an impression of clutter. Before showing your home to potential buyers, get rid of all the unsightly things around the house. If you are still staying on the property, you may consider freeing up the cramped areas of your home by transferring your stash to a rental storage facility.


Part of de-cluttering also involves reducing the number of framed prints, posters, and decorations around the house. Keep the design minimal to let the buyers imagine how they can fit their belongings in your home. Of course, it would be best to stick to a neutral theme.





Odors can easily put off potential buyers. In summer, it is easier to make your property smell fresher by letting the air in. Musty smells are usually caused by old curtains and fabrics. Replace these with clean or new ones if possible. This is absolutely necessary if there is a cigarette smoker who lived in the property. Old, tattered furniture must be ditched as well. When deodorizing, also remember to include the kitchen and bathrooms.


Add lighting


Summer provides you with lots of natural light. Let the sunshine in by opening windows and using sheer curtains. Give your glass panels a brilliant clean and if you have a scenic view, use it as a backdrop for your home furnishings. For the darker areas of the house, use softer colors and add bulbs or lamps to lighten the surroundings.




For an outdated house, a renovation may be the best option for you to be able to sell it faster. Buyers are now looking for more modern design concepts like big countertops, low maintenance gardens, and open floor plans.


If you have the budget for it, you may consider removing the wall that separates the kitchen from the living areas. This design is quite common in old homes. An open kitchen space creates a spacious and larger ambiance inside the home. When renovating, take note of the old cabinets knobs and kitchen fixtures.


Survey and estimate


After doing all the preparations, it is now time for a reality check. Survey the homes in your neighborhood to find out the current selling price. Have your property appraised by a reputable real estate agent to know the best price that you could ask for it.


It goes without saying that having a real estate agent on your side that can guide you throughout the entire home-buying and home-selling process is vitally important.  So if you have any questions or just plain curious about moving to Durant, OK, we would be glad to help – give us a call or send us an email today.


The Summer Check List

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