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    The Ultimate Checklist for Home Sellers

    The Ultimate Checklist for Home Sellers

    Feeling overwhelmed? This home seller checklist will help you achieve a market-ready home by knowing which things should be prioritized. Use this guide to prepare your home before selling, minus the stress and worry.


    As you go around to every room, remember that your main objective should be getting rid of dirt, clutter, and personal items. Follow this rule and your house will stand out like a mountain peak against the horizon.


    To Clean, Repair or Replace:

    Update lighting, replace switch covers, install new light bulbs

    Inspect heating and cooling systems, AC/Heater vents and for those with fireplaces—always have them chimney swept

    Check and make any upgrades to the front door, room doors, door knobs

    Update carpets and blinds with fresher fabric


    To Dust:

    Walls and ceilings—watch out for cobwebs

    Baseboards and windows

    Ceiling fans


    To wash/repaint:

    Exterior walls and trims

    Outdoor furniture

    Front door


    Porch, deck or patio



    To Remove:


    Family photos

    Personal collections e.g. music memorabilia, doll collectibles, religious material, etc.

    Scented candles and oils


    To Reduce:




    Wall art / free-standing art pieces



    Living Room/ Common areas

    Clear tables, remove ashtrays (if any)

    Rearrange furniture to maximize space

    Stash toys and knick-knacks away

    Stage the area with pillows, throw blankets, and minimal décor



    Store personal belongings in cabinets, closets, and drawers

    Clear the clutter and random items off the dresser and side tables

    Remove decors, framed photos, and other memorabilia

    Keep closets clean and organized

    If possible, use matching bed sheets, pillows, and covers

    Dust, vacuum and clean the floors and walls

    Dining Room:

    Clear the dining table, leave the centerpiece

    Limit the seats to 4 or 6 chairs maximum

    Keep the chandelier to a standard length, 60” from the floor



    Clear the countertops, store random kitchen items away

    Remove refrigerator magnets, posted notes, pictures and decors, etc.

    Lessen the number of dishes, pots and pans, and utensils

    Store away and box up cooking supplies and small appliances

    Scrub, unclog, and polish the sink

    Degrease the oven (use the self-cleaning option, if available), microwave and stove

    Replace worn out stove burners

    Bleach kitchen tiles, or regrout

    Organize the pantry

    Hide all cleaning items such as brooms, rags, mops and vacuum

    Remove pet supplies, including food and dishes

    Empty the trash bin

    Repair loose cabinets and drawers, replace outdated handles


    Bathroom/ toilet/ laundry area:

    Scrub tiles, sink, tub, and shower areas

    Put away all clothes, whether clean or dirty

    Keep the floors dry and clean

    Replace shower curtains at bathroom mats

    Hide personal toiletries

    Store cleaning tools and supplies

    Close toilet lids, remove covers (if there are any)

    Replace caulking and grout


    Garage/ driveway/ footpaths:

    Eliminate clutter

    Pressure wash dirty concrete

    Replace rotten surfaces



    Trim plant overgrowth

    Mow the lawn

    Add mulch, bright flowers

    Prune bushes

    Remove dead trees, stumps, and falling limbs



    Inspect for holes, stagnant water, and leaks


    This list will help you make your home ready for listing, by knowing which things are needed to be prioritized. It’s all about cleaning, decluttering, fixing, freshening up and www.


    The perfect home is usually the one where buyers can see themselves moving in. So it is important to remove any trace of your personality in the home you are selling and make it look welcoming for everyone and anyone.   Whether you’re buying or selling, I can help you, just send me a message or call my number today. 




    The Ultimate Checklist for Home Sellers

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