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The Winter Checklist -10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Winter Season

The Winter Checklist -10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Winter Season

Winter is fast approaching and the holiday season draws near, but there are still a few important things to do around the house. So before the frost bites your budget due to unexpected repairs, check out this handy list to prepare your home for the coldest time of the year.

Inspect the Roof

On top of everything else, it is best to start with the roofing system. Come winter time, the snow can bring lots of problems that can affect all the other parts of the house. A little crack here and there could cause ice dams which will leak once the indoor heat melts the snow. Prevent water damage by scanning the entire roof up to the ridges and flashings.

Guard the Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause water to seep into the walls and floors. Remove accumulated dried leaves, tree branches, or dead birds and rodents that keep the collected water from flowing properly. Install mesh guards to keep the gutters free from debris.

Seal the Air Leaks

Caulk windows, baseboards, and doors to reduce air drafts. Weather stripping is the best way to save on heating costs, which is up to 10% annually according to the US Department of Energy. So inspect your home for gaps which can let the cold air in, especially the holes made for electrical, phone, and cable installations.

Check the Chimney

Hire a chimney sweep to inspect for loose bricks, remove flue blockage, and clean creosote build up (tar created from wood smoke) which may cause a fire if neglected.

Clean/Replace Air Filters

Keep your indoor home temperature to a comfortable level by removing the dust off your furnace filters. Clean or replace depending on the air filter material.

Test the Thermostat

Tune up the thermostat so it will be stable during the winter. Heating systems usually break down during winter months, due to heavy use. Prevent expensive repairs by having your furnace professionally inspected for worn belts, blocked ducts, damaged blower, or misadjusted parts.



Clean the Carpet

Accumulated dirt and grime from your carpet may make your indoors smell musty when the air is filled with moisture. Keep your home smelling fresh by giving your carpet a deep clean. The same goes for your upholstered furniture and mattresses.

Prepare the Plumbing

Frozen pipes are one of the most common winter home problems. Sprinkler systems buried underground, exterior faucets, and outdoor pipes are prone to bursting due to freezing and cracking. To avoid this, turn off the valves for the outdoor plumbing and drain the remaining water from the pipes.  For the indoor pipes, insulation is best for keeping a stable water pressure.

Secure the Driveway/Walkways

 Ice makes the driveway and walkways slippery, so reduce safety hazards by fixing cracks, loose paths, cement holes, uneven steps, damaged fencing, and shaky railings.

Trim the Trees

Large tree limbs of old trees pose a serious risk to your home during winter. Ice and moisture may cause the dried branches to fall on the roof, fence, and even on people. Trim tree branches, especially the large ones and keep the limbs as far from the roof as possible.

Free your home from the common winter problems by following the tips above. Regular home maintenance can make your home habitable and comfortable all year round.  Whether you’re buying or selling, We can help you, just send us a message or call our number today. 



The Winter Checklist -10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Winter Season

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