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Thinking About Relocating To Durant_OK

Thinking About Relocating To Durant_OK

When relocating to Durant, Oklahoma you want to be sure you’re well prepared for the unexpected. If you’ve already decided Durant is the right place for you and also decided this is where you will lay down roots and purchase a home, you may want to keep my relocation checklist below as a reference guide period.  This quick relocation list should help you transition smoothly from your current location to Durant, Oklahoma.

 1.    Be clear about how you will earn

Having a clear sense of your financial situation is vital.  In any moving situation, you want to be clear about how much home you can afford. Because the home values in Durant are so favorable, you will find you have a lot of options.  If you have to find employment in or around the Durant area, then you’ll want to begin by making sure your resume and LinkedIn profile are up-to-date.  You can sign up for job alerts on various platforms including LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, or even Twitter.

Also, I would recommend that you send your resume to the local employment agencies. Both Glassdoor and LinkedIn have statistics about what someone with your skill set can earn in and around Durant, Oklahoma.  This should give you a good idea of your earning potential and purchase options.

Of course, today remote work is becoming more and more common.  If your desire is to work from home while being surrounded by breath-taking nature and diverse attractions that appeal to a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and abilities, then Durant with its’s booming economy is the ideal relocation destination.

The past 10 years has seen Durant welcome over 5000 new jobs, making the area a very smart choice for your earning potential.

  2.    Decide what kind of property is right for you before you begin your search

Is it important to you to live walking distance to downtown or is having a park nearby most important?  Do you have children or a dog who needs outside space?  Are you growing your family or downsizing?  Is a short commute to your job necessary?  Having a clear sense of what you want makes it easier to find your perfect home.

 3.    Research your schooling, medical and emergency options 

Schooling – whether you have children or are a lifelong learner, it is important to know what educational options are available to you.  Is there a college or university nearby?  How are the public schools ranked?  Are there private school choices?  You can find information about Durant’s award winning school district here – – and resources like and are good places to start your research.

Medical Needs – When relocating to any area, you want to think about your current and future medical needs.  Where are the top hospitals, what are their specializations, are specialists in the area easily accessible, how long is the wait time for appointments or emergency room visits – these are some of the questions you want to get answers to. An excellent resource to help you in your search is health grades.  This is a good place to get patient testimonials and see what people living in the town have to say about a medical provider or facility.

Emergency Options – 911 is standard everywhere, but you should also know where the police station is located as well as all urgent care clinics.  In an emergency, even if you are just visiting to determine whether Durant, OK should be your #1 relocation choice, you should be able to make an informed decision about calling for help versus driving yourself.  There’s just no substitute for having that information ready in an emergency.

Successfully relocating to Durant, OK means doing your homework and working with a relocation expert who has the answers to the questions on this checklist.  If you are looking to relocate to the Durant, OK area or just have questions, we would be glad to help – give us a call or send us an email today.


Thinking About Relocating To Durant_OK

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