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What Makes Durant One of the Most Interesting Towns in Oklahoma?

Durant may be a small town in Oklahoma, but it definitely fares better than bigger US cities. Living in Durant may not even feel like living in a faraway town at all, and that’s because this growing, small town in Bryan County offers a wide assortment of attractions and amenities for everyone.

Magnolia Capital

Upon entering Interstate 35 on Highway 70, you will notice the beautiful flowering trees lining up the streets. The scent of its blossoms fills the surrounding air especially on summers, creating a lovely ambiance that will entice you to get out and enjoy the scenery.  These trees have become synonymous with Durant, so much so that the city has been coined as the Magnolia Capital of Oklahoma. A festival is held annually in its honor, complete with a full weekend of live music, games, and exhibits.

Green School Program

If you are wondering how Durant neighborhoods keep their surroundings clean and green, it actually starts with its youth. Both Durant Intermediate School and Middle School have been recognized and heralded for their environmental efforts. Collaborative systems were established in Durant schools where students participate in recycling, gardening, waste reduction and composting. Durant is an example of a progressive yet still a sustainable community.

Historic Attractions

A glimpse of the old world can be found at Fort Washita. Built-in 1842 to protect the Choctaw Tribes from other settlers, it now serves as a heritage site and a museum. It is also rumored to be a haunted place, adding more mystique to an already special place.

More of the frontier days can be explored on the Three Valley Museum, where a large exhibit can be seen. View scenes from the early 1900s, browse through the Indian artifacts, vintage automobiles, and displays such as a parlor, barber shop, antique classroom, printing press, cobbler shop, and a train station. A visit will make you feel like you are traveling back in time.

Choctaw Casino

Whether you like to gamble or not, the Choctaw Casino is the place to go in Durant. There is something here for everyone aside from the slot machines and gaming tables. The Choctaw Casino theatre is a popular concert venue for local, national and international celebrities. There’s a swimming pool, spa, bowling alley, and even an arcade for the kids. There’s a wide selection of food inside the casino too.

Downtown Durant

Durant Main Street keeps the city alive by making Downtown Durant a great place to live, work, shop, and dine. This is where local businesses are usually located including homegrown restaurants, specialty boutiques, and old shops. Various events are held almost every day, keeping the local economy thriving.

Call it a small town or a vibrant community, one thing’s for sure, Durant will give you that big city feeling once you get to know the place. ‘How Durant Came To Be’ is a must read if you decide to acquaint yourself with the history of the area.  There are a plenty of things to see and do, whether you’re a resident or a visitor. Plus, it is a safe haven that is packed with jobs and career opportunities. Durant offers a great atmosphere that will make you want to stay beyond the number of days you had planned.

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