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What should I focus on while staging my home for sale

What should I focus on while staging my home for sale

What Should I Focus on While Staging My Home for Sale?

The challenge in staging a house is in striking a balance between making it look lived-in while also leaving room for personalization. It’s one thing to make important features stand out; it’s quite another to add your unique style to everything in the house. The following tips will help you get your house noticed in all the right ways.


Start Outdoors

Almost every homeowner knows the value of creating curb appeal. It’s essential for getting potential buyers to notice your home and enticing them to want to see more. Getting curb appeal right involves more than mowing the lawn and planting lush greenery and beautiful blooms. Walk to your curb and take an objective look. Does the exterior need a new coat of paint? Or maybe a professional steam clean will brighten its appearance? Are the house numbers displayed where they’re easy to read?

If the house has a back porch, don’t overlook that either. Refinish the porch if needed and add appropriate seating, flower pots, or other features to make it a valuable part of the home’s living space. It’s another opportunity to say “welcome” to visitors.

Get Rid of the Clutter

It’s virtually impossible to visualize how a home will look with your belongings in it when it’s already filled to the brim! If you’re selling, you plan to move your things anyway. Find a storage facility or a friend’s garage that you can use to store all of your unnecessary items. Clearing off counter space and emptying closets will give the image of more available space. Both storage and living space are features that many new buyers have listed on their priority list.


Get It Clean

Everything indoors and outdoors needs to be at its cleanest. Steam clean your carpets or refinish wood floors that have faded or become damaged over time. Add new layers of paint to walls where needed. Make sure the bathroom and kitchen sinks and the shower are spotless. Add fresh linens and towels, and keep the trash emptied. If you have pets, you may not realize the pet odor in your home. Have your carpets and upholstery professionally steam-cleaned to make the entire house smells fresh and clean. Don’t forget the windows or the countertops.


Add Natural “Lived-In” Touches

Skip the scented candles and air freshener that might be irritating to some people. Instead, set a basket of lemons on the counter for a natural, fresh scent that also looks great. Use neutral decor sparingly. Give the house a lived-in look without adding your personality.

Staging a home means creating a canvas that allows buyers to envision their own belongings and personality in the space. Showing prospective buyers the home’s potential will help you sell your home at your asking price.

Whether you’re buying or selling, I can help you, just send me a message or call my number today. 

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