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Which Real Estate Marketing Sells Homes for the Most Money

Which Real Estate Marketing Sells Homes for the Most Money

Seller’s Marketing Strategies That Sell Homes for the Most Money


Whether you’re working with a real estate agent or trying to sell your home on your own, it pays to utilize marketing strategies to sell your home for the most money. Here are some tips from real estate experts on how best to market a home for sale.


Convey the perception of luxury

No matter what size the home you want to sell, buyers want a few unique and luxurious touches. After all, everyone loves a little pampering. The more expensive the home, though, says high-end real estate marketer Pam Danziger, the more you need to emphasize its distinct features. Whether it’s adding top-of-the-line features, such as chef-worthy kitchen appliances or simply highlighting the luxury features the home has already through image and word, you need to position your home as a cut above its competitors if you want to get top dollar.


Share your home’s story

Buyers can see all the statistics on the MLS sheet. For the written description, your agent will want to tell buyers what it feels like to walk in the door, cook in its kitchen, and hang out in the family room.  Your home should come alive so potential buyers can imagine themselves enjoying the home—just as you have.


Professional photography will present the home in its best light

All too many real estate listings combine fuzzy cell phone shots with real estate shorthand, poor spelling or capitalization errors (too many capitalized words—or all caps are common listing errors. Professional photography, says real estate marketer Alex Barshai, sells homes more than 30 percent more quickly and for 10 to 20 percent more money.  But that’s not all…adding the rights words to accompany your photo or video within your listing can add more than eight percent to your sale price says Zillow.  A good real estate agent works with professional photographers and has lots of experience writing those ads that bring in the buyers and the dollars.


Leverage the “eight-second rule” to boost your sales price

AARP real estate writer Sid Kirchheimer swears by this twist on heightened curb appeal. According to Kirchheimer, many buyers decide if they’ll buy a home within eight seconds after getting out of their car. If you don’t have time to do anything else, make sure that the front lawn, entryway, and foyer look spectacular. Yellow flowers at the door, he adds, stimulate the buying impulse, according to psychological studies.


Finally, set the stage for success

Forbes’ real estate writer Meggen Taylor reminds homeowners and agents that the basics—clearing out all the clutter and adding thoughtful details, such as furnishings, artwork, and subtle scents—go far to get the best price for your home. The Real Estate Group’s Greg Chaplain adds another layer to that advice. He cautions homeowners to furnish each room for its intended use. Often, homeowners will use a bedroom for an office or a little-used dining room to house their kids’ pool table. That’s fine—but when you get ready to sell—furnish each room as it should appear to buyers.

In today’s competitive real estate market, it pays to take advantage of every edge you can get over the other homes in your area. Use these tips, you real estate agent can you on your way to real estate sales success.



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