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Why Living in a Small Town like Calera OK May Actually Be Good for You

Why Living in a Small Town like Calera OK May Actually Be Good for You

Is owning a house still an elusive dream? Until you’ve tried living in a small town, you may never know how close you already are to achieving home ownership –even while earning a median income.

Life in a small town like Calera, OK is a good example of simple yet comfortable living. If the hustle of the big city causes you to experience the constant stress of surviving from paycheck to paycheck, then small town living will generally offer you a better quality of life. With a lower selling price compared to other towns and cities in the US, the houses for sale in Calera, OK are typically more spacious and affordable.

Calera, OK may be a small town, but as its website declares, this place is big on personality. There is a lot to love about its quaint charm.

Peaceful neighbourhoods abound, Calera offers a safe haven for those who are tired of the noise and uncertainty of the big cities. It is a great place to raise a family, with its quiet streets and friendly communities.

For families with children, the public schools in Calera, OK have a low teacher to student ratio, 13:1. When it comes to academics, reports that the students of Calera High School have an 85% reading proficiency and a 90% graduation rate. Being in a small town, the students were nurtured with a strong sense of community and motivation.

While one may argue that small towns have fewer job opportunities, most of the people living in Calera, OK are able to find work in this area and its nearby cities as well. The most common industries here are related to public administration, manufacturing, retail, arts/entertainment, and recreation.

In fact, a lot of tourists and travelers would often pass by this town since it is located along the US 69/75, one of the busiest routes in Oklahoma, and a gateway to Choctaw Casino & Resort. Meanwhile, traffic is expected to improve after the proposed major highway segment (possibly an overpass) is constructed.

Local businesses are booming and the town has grown in the recent years. Calera, OK is a preferred food stop. Tourists have been raving about its local diners like Gilley’s Saloon Restaurant, known for its famous prime ribs and steaks. Then there’s the Taco Casa, where you can eat scrumptious Mexican specialties such as burritos, nachos, salsa, and of course, tacos!

That nice, suburban feel makes Calera, OK a great place to call home. The town may be small, but it is not entirely secluded from the metro. You can still reach the bustling, busy life of the nearby cities and while being to get away from it all at the end of the day.

This is why many families who have moved to Calera, OK chose to stay for the long term and 60% of the town residents are home owners.

The lower cost of living, quiet neighbourhoods, economic growth, and highway access makes Calera, OK a great place to live in. If you want to avoid high mortgages and huge debts, you definitely have to try small town living.

Whether you’re a first-time or a repeat homebuyer, need to refinance, or just have questions, we would be happy to help. Give us a call or send me an email today – we will respond to any and all inquiries.


Why Living in a Small Town like Calera OK May Actually Be Good for You

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