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Technology – Your Silent But Effective Real Estate Partner

What makes us so successful at 580 Real Estate is our ability to utilize the best technology has to offer to your advantage.  We are leaders in the use of technology that simplifies complex transactions, communicates with prospective buyers instantly, reaches your target market, and keeps all of your documents at the tip of our fingertips – 24/7.

We support our local marketing efforts through the use of technology by:

  • Regularly posting your listing on the most visited websites, refreshing the listing often to appear fresh and top of the list;
  • Utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that bring your listing to the top of a Google search;
  • Understanding the algorithms of the different listing services and adjusting your listing to take advantage of that knowledge;

Technology allows us to provide you with more accurate information to:

  • Determine how much a property should sell for, in how much time and to which buyers;
  • Identify improvements that will give you the best return on your investment; and
  • Plan our marketing strategy based on existing market conditions.

We research the latest technological advances so we can:

  • Stay on top of changes to Big Data and our ability to personalize your choices beyond the number of bedrooms and property location;
  • Reduce your property’s time on the market; and
  • Regularly review all marketing efforts to identify the most successful ones for your property, retool to focus on those strategies.

We simplify complex transactions through technology by:

  • Organizing all your paperwork electronically, with access to communicate immediately with your mortgage broker, your bank, prospective buyer or prospective seller;
  • Housing fillable forms that ease your paperwork requirements; and
  • Regularly updating you on deadlines, appointments and milestones.

Technology is a very important tool in our full service real estate office.  We use technology to keep on the lookout for your perfect home, to stay organized, and get information to you or out for you fast.  Interested in emerging technology? Ask us about whether a virtual home tour is right for home – we’d love to hear from you!

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